our salads     $
Mixed Salad Lettuce, Tomatoe and Onion   $ 5.75
Taïtu Salad Lettuce, tomatoe, red cabbage, carrot, Parmesan Cheese   $ 13.75
Chef Salad Lettuce, Tomatoe, Red Cabbage, Carrots, Red onion, Hardboiled egg, Ham, Chicken and Cheese   $ 17.25
Endive Salad
with Blue Cheese and Walnuts   $ 12.75
Soup of the day     $ 9.25
creoles specialties     $
Stuffed Crab back Crab meat cooked with herbs and spices
le Taitu - Accras de Morue
$ 11.25
Stuffed Christophine Local Squash cooked with Herbs and spices $ 10.75
Spicy Fish Fritters with Creole Sauce $ 8.00
main dishes
Sea scallops and Shrimps Duo, Cajun style Spicy and creamy sauce
le Taitu - Crevettes Sautées
$ 31.00
5 oz Veal Cutlet, Normandy Sauce
White Wine, Mushroom and Cream sauce $ 21.75
Chicken Creole
Grilled, Marinated boneless chicken breast with Creole Sauce $ 17.25
Shrimps sauteed with coconut milk sauce $ 25.50
Shrimps «à la Persillade» $ 21.75
Tuna Steak with Soy Sauce $ 28.75
9oz Ribeye Steak (Angus Beef) with Sauce of the Day $ 27.75
Creole Platter Combination of three creole appetizers, Stuffed Crab + Stuffed Christophine + Fish Fritters $ 24.25
All our dishes are served with garnishing and vegetables
kid’s menu     $
Boneless Chicken Breast (4oz) Home made French Fries
le Taitu Blanc de Poulet
$ 11,50
Fish of the day fillet White Rice
Ice Cream, (1 scoop)
Net Price - Tips are at your own discretion
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